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BrandFocus Consulting helps grow your business by providing great user experiences that are designed for your audience.


Your brand depends on the experience your users have when they engage with you — and with your product or service. People are tired of suffering through poor experiences to complete their tasks. Your customer deserves a great user experience, and we can make this a reality for your business.


What's in a FREE 30-minute consult?


1. We ask the right questions and listen.

2. We learn about your pain points and consult.

3. We craft a proposal to help grow your business.





detail oriented

Your challenges deserve a balanced brain approach





big picture

brand conscious


Whether you need a web design refresh, or a complete design makeover, or a visual brand guideline, or a whole new user experience, we know how to help.

Improve how users interact with your product

Get a partial or complete visual brand refresh

Start over with a whole new brand expression



"I'm confident that because of your personal and group contributions, you have put Microsoft on a stronger path for long-term growth and success. Thank you so much for your great work." 

– Steve Balmer, Microsoft CEO

"Your innovation powers our success." 

– Bill Ruh, GE Digital CEO

"Your visual solutions are enabling Atlatl to reach our GTM goals more quickly. Thanks for your support and partnership."

– Justin Scott, Atlatl Software CEO

What is brand and why focus on it?


Brands are more than a logo and a tagline. Brands are a shared set of beliefs, values, and meaning between the company and the experience. A brand is healthy when the mission of business, products, and services overlap the purpose of employees, customers, and users.

Brand is the gut feeling your audience has when they experience your product or service. Improve the user experience so they choose you over your competition.

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