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Our Planet Brand


Atma Connect

Consultation, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Creative Direction, Visual Design, Mobile & Desktop Design, Motion Design, Project Management, Style Guide

Atma Connect needed a brand identity and website created for Our Planet Our Future — allowing the nonprofit to pitch their campaign at the Vatican for funding. More urgently, they needed help defining their goals with solutions to reach their audience.


I successfully consulted — virtually across five time zones — to unify diverse stakeholders. The defined purpose was to create an experience that engaged the audience to take action. I pioneered a retro-futuristic style identity and delivered on-brand mobile & web design solutions that the Our Planet Our Future leadership team is in love with. 


Logo design inspired by the golden ratio and stylized in retrofuturism, BrandFocus


Visual brand style guidelines created to help steward a successful brand, BrandFocus


Website design view of the home page encourages taking action, BrandFocus


Mobile-first design includes motion of quote text to engage users, BrandFocus


Concept & design for environmentally sound reusable tote bag, BrandFocus

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