Heart Surgery Lab
Analytic Dashboard


GE Healthcare

Creative Direction, UX Research, Sketches, Wireframes, Visual Design, Prototypes, Software Design

Situation: St. Luke's Hospital heart surgery lab was wasting ~ $10k per hour on equipment not being used.

Task: Display lab data as visualizations to determine who and how much time was spent on the equipment and associated tasks.

Action: I practiced innovative research methods on site, and convinced the product development team to refocus efforts on new analytic visualizations.

Results: My sketches, wireframes, and visual design for the Cath Lab Efficiency Management product led to the “Most Innovative New Technology” award at San Francisco’s annual health conference, and I was granted a U.S. Patent for the graphical interface.


Award-winning, U.S. Patented interface for Heart Surgery Lab analytics, GE Healthcare


Sketch, wireframe, and visual design for the final analytic dashboard, GE Healthcare


Display Screen or portion thereof with graphical interface U.S. Patent, GE Healthcare