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b r u c e   f e n s k e

c o r p o r a t e   w o r k

Introduced the diagonal element to establish an ownable visual brand for Predix, GE Digital 

Designed introductory packaging for the first Predix Developer Kit, GE Digital 

Optimized responsive website hero designs to include new visual brand elements, GE Digital

Invented & designed brand campaign for executive event to reach 40,000+ engineers, Microsoft

Wrote & designed a tablet toolkit to drive Metro design language consistency, Microsoft

Toolkit provides aggregated instructions and standards to all IT engineers, Microsoft

Promoted employee community and excellence in design with event ad campaign, Microsoft

Breakthrough, award-winning interface showcases heart surgery lab analytics, GE Digital

Sketch, wireframe, U.S. Patent interface illustrates lab analytics dashboard view, GE Digital

Created hospital MRI interface with customizable themes to reduce patient anxiety, GE Digital

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